Saturday, 16 July 2011

Flex Headphones £24.99

Recently I have taken up running because feeling good is the first step to looking good, that and I figured I need to put some sort of exercise in my life. I really enjoy running when I can listen to music, otherwise it is just quite boring. The problem was though that as I was running my earphones kept on slipping out of my ears and I had to stop running and put them back in. It was getting so annoying and quite frankly ruining my running experience. 

When I heard about Flex Headphones I knew they were just thing I was looking for. The earbuds themselves are really soft when they go in your ears, some I have found can be a bit scratchy but not these. Then the plastic hooks goes over your ears which stops them falling out no matter how fast you run. I decided to test them out by doing cartwheels and still they stayed in place. The hooks also mean the wires don't get in your face and put you off your stride. 

As a sporting device they work fantastically so you may be forgiven for thinking that the sound quality wouldn't be again good, you would be wrong though. The problem with most of the earphones that are given out with mp3 devices is that the sound quality is really bad, this means that you end up turning up the volume to the highest which damages your ears and contributes to hearing loss. The Flex headphones have a really great sound quality, I found I only needed to have the volume up half way to fully enjoy the music I was listening to and I like my music loud. These headphones are for sports lovers or music lovers or both and a great way to make jogging more fun! 

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