Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The scent thats got me bewitched

Nina Ricci are proud to present the first Ricci Ricci limited edition fragrance, Dancing Ribbon; a modern, mischevious and audacious scent. The House of Nina Ricci has been behind some of the most successful fragrances of the last century, including L’Air Du Temps (1948), Fille D’Eve (1952), Capricci (1961), Farounche (1974) and Nina (2006). Ricci Ricci is the latest fragrance in this historic perfume range.

The fragrance was developed by two perfumers, Aurélien Guichard and Jacques Huclier, the noses that created the original Ricci Ricci fragrance. The delicious top notes of raspberry, rhubarb and ginger add a spicy mood. The heart note is provided by the sumptuous Beauty of the Night, a flower that releases its perfume only when it blooms after dark and which is already represented as the central note of Ricci Ricci. Voluptuous tuberose and the Centifolia rose accompany the heart of the scent. And to emphasise this disturbing sensuality, the bewitching base notes of patchouli and sandalwood.

A perfume is a work of art, and the object that contains it must be a masterpiece” Robert Ricci.

The limited edition Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon draws its inspiration from the archives of the House of Ricci, and pays tribute to its three facets; fashion, art and perfume. The ribbon, no longer pink but flame red, adorns both the bottle and its box, a colour that was important in Madame Ricci’s fashion sketches. Inspired by pop art, reminiscent of Bert Stern’s famous photo session with Marilyn Monroe, The Last Sitting, this poppy-red ribbon lends its signature to the limited edition visual, like a dash of fluorescent highlighter. 

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