Friday, 25 March 2011

Skin Glow Body Cream £13.99

My skin is very fair and prone to burning easily, if I want even a hint of a tan I have to fake it. The problem is that fake tan can be messy and time consuming and I normally end up with stained hands and an orange glow. Evolve has come along and helped all girls like me with their daily glow body cream. First off a little about Evolve as a brand as you know me I am always keen on natural products. It's ethical credentials are astounding, its organic, eco friendly as all products are produced in the UK and the sleek packaging is recycled. The cream its self is a real star, its feels sublime as you apply it and gradually builds into a light and natural tan. Use it all summer long for a healthy golden skin that will get everyone thinking you have had a weekend away in paradise.

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