Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nip + Fab, Lip + Nip Fab Fix £8.25

The past few weeks I have been cursed by incredibly sore lips. It started with dryness around the corners and at first I thought I was getting a cold sore but that never materialised. Then my skin started to split at the side where it was dry. This meant I couldn’t open my mouth to wide without pain and the skin ripping. This was particularly terrible for me, one because I am greedy and I couldn’t get enough food into my gob. Also it meant that smiling and laughing was painful, which is enough to make anyone miserable. I tried every lip balm in my arsenal, even nappy rash cream but nothing worked.

After a couple of weeks the sides eventually settled down, it was then that my top lip decided to crumble off. The skin became tight, flaky and sore and I felt very self conscious about it. Nothing seemed to be working and it started getting worse and the sore sides returned. I even resorted to putting butter on my lips in an attempt to make them better. I mean what where people going to think when I call myself a beauty expert and they see my lips looking like puff pastry?

 I had nearly given up hope of ever looking normal again and then I remembered about Nip + Fab, I had tried their face scrub and it was marvellous, maybe they could help me. As soon as I had applied the balm my lips felt better. They were instantly soothed and the dry skin felt like it was knitting back together. After only a day’s use my lips were practically back to normal. The rich thick formula coats the skin and envelops it in moisture so you only need to apply it a couple of times in the day. After two days I was back to my old self. Finally I could kiss my man friend without feeling horrible and sore. I could smile without any tightness and laugh without fear of pain. Lip + Nip Fix literally put the smile back on my face again. 

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