Thursday, 10 March 2011

Daily Detox Facial Wash £10.99

Again I must stress that if you can get products that are eco friendly you should always try and use these over eco unfriendly. Evolve has come up with a range of products that are all eco certified, fair trade, natural, not tested on animals and all the packaging is recycled. You can't get more ethical than that. Whats more the packaging is adorable, its slick, stylish and fun.

First up for me to try is the daily detox facial wash. We almost forget the sheer amount of dirt, chemicals, grime and greasy that our face gets exposed to on a daily basis. A good face wash will strip your face of all nasties and leave it clean and refreshed. Evolve's facial wash is packed full of moringa seeds, an African superfood used to purify water. Organic goji berry soothes and protects whilst coconut and organic aloe vera leave skin clean and calm. The result is a facial wash that smells divine and will leave your skin gloriously fresh.

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