Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aspinal of London Toiletry Case £120

I was lucky enough to be taken away for the night to posh hotel the other day. The hotel itself was magnificent but what also put a smile on my face was my beautiful cosmetics case in purple mock croc and cream suede from Aspinal of London. I have always been a bag type person, cosmetic cases included so when this arrived I actually jumped in the air.

It is beautiful, seductive and also highly usable. It has a really clever lining than you can easily detach if you don't want to use the clever little pockets inside. It was the perfect size to hold everything I needed for a few nights away with room to spare.

I din't want to put it in my bag but proudly display it for all to see. When my sister saw it she even said it was too lovely to use incase I ruined it! You can feel the quality in every part of it and I know that I will be able to treasure it for years to come without it losing its lust factor or deteriorating in anyway. It's available in five other colours but I have just fallen in love with the purple in every way.

My problem is now I want all the things to go with it like the cabin bag, barbarella bag, berkeley bag, purse, belt, wallet.................

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