Thursday, 24 February 2011

Detox Eye Roller £18

I have never been a very good sleeper and at the moment I am going through a particularly bad patch of not being able to drift off. The most prominent physical aspect of these is big black bags under my eyes. Thank heavens then that First Aid Beauty has come to the rescue with their detox eye roller. Jammed packed with ingredients to stop me looking tried, caffeine helps to diminish skin redness, advanced peptides recapture lost volume reducing fine lines while witch hazel and menthyl tones and soothes skin.

All very good you say but does it actually work? I must have put it through its hardest challenge yet. After a week of hardly any sleep I was looking frightening. Whats more I had a night of partying for a friends birthday and I knew people were going to be taking photos. The eye roller came just in time and after only a few minutes the bags under my eyes shrunk. I was able to go out feeling much more confident about how I looked and actually allowed people to take my photo rather than being terrified by what I looked like. What's more people weren't commenting on how tired I looked but how great I looked.

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