Wednesday, 23 February 2011

5 in 1 Face Cream £28

A new range of beauty products has just been released in the UK after getting rave reviews in the USA. I have been lucky enough to try a couple of the products and in the next four days I am gonna run you through my favourites of the FABulous First Aid Beauty.

First up is the face cream with SPF 30. It is really easy to forget that we should always use sunscreen on our face even when it is cloudy, as it stops wrinkles and premature ageing.  This cream does the job of five products by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, corrects uneven skin tone, filters UVA / UVB rays, nourishes and moisturises, lastly it combats free radicals. I mean what more could you ask for? 

It absorbs easily making it perfect for using first thing in the morning or under makeup. It leaves you skin feeling delicately soft without a hint a tightness. A huge thumbs up from me!

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