Monday, 31 January 2011

Payot Slim Performance £23.50

I know I am not alone in my hatred for the gym. My favourite machine at my local gym is the chocolate vending machine so needless to say I have a few wobbly parts!

Payot Slim Performance steps in nicely. It says to apply it first thing in the morning to help refine the silhouette and promote cutaneous micro-circulation. I had no idea what 'cutaneous micro-circulation' actually meant so off I went smearing it over my body to see what happened.....

First off it absorbs extremely quickly so I don't have to wait for ages after putting it on to put my clothes which is excellent as it means extra time in bed. It has a lovely fresh smell to, slightly citrusy to help wake me up. After a few days I felt my skin was much firmer and the appearance was considerably better. I bulged less in my leggings and overall felt much more confident about the appearance of my once-bouncy-now-much-more-beautiful thighs.

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