Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Blinc Mascara £18.50

Yesterday I gave you everyday mascara, today I am talking about a mascara suitable for evenings out and special occasions.

I can't stress enough how revolutionary Blinc mascara is, it has a unique formula that forms tiny tubes around your lashes rather than painting them like conventional mascara's. This means that the mascara won't flake, smudge, run or clump. It has been independently tested and is suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It's available in six colours so want ever your preference you will find a colour you like. You don't even have to use make up remover to take it off, just warm water and a cotton wool pad. I put the Blinc mascara through its paces with four test to test it to its limits!

1) First up how easy is it to apply and how does it look? Well its very easy to apply, just sweep it on, wait for 2 minutes and then apply another coat. It was thickening and lengthening and I found two coats was perfect for me to frame my eyes and give me some lash appeal!

2) The crying test. I always cry when I go to the cinema, it doesn't matter what I see I always feel compelled to have a bit of a weep at the end. To really see how well it coped I went with a girlfriend to see the latest chic flick knowing that there would be ample opportunity to for a good cry. I was right and after 30 minutes we were both balling like babies all the way to the end. When the film finished we both went to the loo to inspect the damage. While her mascara had gone all clumpy and run down here cheeks mine looked perfect still.

3) Rubbing your eyes. There is nothing like a smokey atmosphere and being bored and tired to make you reach up and start rubbing your eyes. Knowing this I went along to some friends house where they were playing poker, drinking and smoking. Within the hour I was bored, tired and my eyes were red from all the smoke. In the interest of fairness though I stayed for another couple of hours, rubbing my eyes to see if the mascara would shift. After all my efforts not even a tiny flake of mascara had come off.

4) Taking off. I was a little worried by now that the mascara was never going to come off. With just a little help from some hot water and a flannel the tubes effortlessly slid off my lashes.

Result: A super hardworking mascara that will not only make your lashes look good, will stay put no matter where your night goes.

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