Friday, 25 February 2011

5 in 1 Restore Cream £26

If ever people ask me what the one simple thing is that that can do to look better day to day I always say its use a good night cream. If you can only be bothered to use one product, then a night cream is the best place to start. As you are resting over night it can deeply penetrate your skin and work wonders so in the morning you feel refreshed.

First Aid Beauty has a real treat for night time skin in the shape of  the 5 in 1 restore cream. The luxuriously thick cream melts into your skin and you can almost feel it doing its magic. It helps to prevent and visibly reduce wrinkles, correct uneven skin tone and improve the skins texture, radiance and glow. Allergy-tested, fragrance free, dermatologist recommended and contains no harsh chemicals. Another completely FABulous product that will have you wondering how you survived without it.

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