Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Queens Cosmetics Non-Alcoholic Toning Lotion £14.95

It's been a rather harsh winter and we aren't out of the woods yet. Although summer has many amazing qualities, lazy days in the park, bbq's and ice  creams, there are one or two minor irritating parts we have to put up with. One of those is that the hot weather makes us sweat more and makes skin greaser. This means make up runs quickly and pores clog causing spots. The best way to remove all the grease and oil from your skin is by adding a good toner to your skin care regime.

Queens non-alcoholic toning lotion is perfect for normal to dry skin types and those who suffer with acne or rosacea. It has a lovely fresh scent and if you lightly sweep it over your face it will refresh and revive your skin. If you want to be looking your best this summer start using this fabulous toner now, you will be thanking very soon.

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