Sunday, 4 December 2011

Red Carpet Essentials £7.95

Berkeley Square have just released their London W1 collection and I got sent the red carpet essentials box to try. The metal tin it comes in is really cute and makes it the perfect gift for someone, wrapping up boxes is by far the easiest thing to wrap. The lip balm comes in a really solid tube which is great as I have lost lip balms before as the cheap plastic tubes crack and the lids fall off. The smell is so fruity and fresh and the light purple shades is certainly different, luckily it doesn't colour your lips. The body butter has a soft shimmer to it, perfect for rubbing over your shoulders and neck before a night out. The pot is just the right size you stay in your handbag incase after work drinks are needed. When you have used the products up, which lets face it you will do quickly as they are so lovely, you have a fabulous little keepsake tin, perfect for earrings or hairbands.  

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