Monday, 5 December 2011


Ever since my trip to France a couple of years ago where I fell in love with mojito's I haven't been able to get enough of lime. It's such a refreshing smell and so makes a perfect scent for shower gel and bubble bath. Luscious lime £14 from philosophy is on the higher end of the price bracket but you do get plenty of uses out of it. When I use it as a bubble bath not only do I get loads of bubbles but the smell also permeates the whole bathroom so it smells lovely and fresh. 

Philosophy's be somebody daily moisture lotion is a lovely smelling, rich moisturiser and it also has a sweet quote on it: 

"You can be somebody without having wealth, fame and power. These gifts define a standard of life not our standard of virtue. You will be remembered for your virtues. The headlines you make in this life will be based on the differences you made in the lives of others. You are defined by the smiles and sweetness you leave behind. So be kind and know, in doing so, you are indeed not an anybody but a real somebody to love."  

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