Saturday, 10 December 2011

Diego Dalla Palma

Its party season which means all makeup needs to have that extra staying power so that you can stay on the dance floor rather than in the bathroom reapplying makeup. Diego Dalla Palma have two products that are a must have for any beauty this season and they will last you right into the summer to.

The first up is their sensational semi-permanent mascara. I put it to the test by wearing it all day and then climbing into a steamy hot bath. Application is easy thanks to the easy grip lid and small well bristled brush. The mascara is quite thick but not gloopy at all. It did take a little longer to apply and I had to let it dry longer in-between coats. After two coats I was really happy with the length, thickness and rich black of my lashes, the magic came though when I got into the bath. Having stayed put all day I thought there was no way it was going to stay put in a bath, how wrong I was. No matter how much water I got on my face, or how much I rubbed my eyes the mascara just did not shift. The problem then came off how to get the mascara off. My usual makeup remover just didn’t seem to cut it, that’s when I realised you had to use their branded makeup remover. I eventually got the mascara off the next morning with some Pond’s Cold Cream, it’s an annoyance but shouldn’t put you off getting the mascara as it unparallel in its staying power.   

Now you have got your mascara to stay in place no matter what you get up to, you need the rest of your makeup to do the same. Step forward Diego Dalla Palma make up fixer. Think of it as a lighter and less chemically hair spray that fixes your makeup in place. One light spray of the makeup fixer will keep your makeup looking perfect all evening, leaving you to look your best.

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