Thursday, 1 December 2011

Queens Cosmetics Eye Pencils £6.75

I really like to use eye pencils on the waterline (the bottom inside) of my eyes but as I wear contacts and have quite sensitive skin anyway, it is it often leaves me with dry, sore eyes. Queen cosmetics are the experts on creating skin and body care for those of us with sensitive skin and they have won a host of awards to prove it.

What attracted me to Queens eye pencils was not only that they were for sensitive skin but also the fabulous array of colours on offer. You can get the staple black, brown and blue but also a grey, green and violet. The grey is perfect for the day when black is too heavy or for creating a smokey eye look. The green is a favourite of mine as it brings out the green in my eyes and so does the violet, plus they both make an eye catching change to black or brown. Long lasting, super easy to blend and won't irritate your eyes in the slightest.

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