Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Jason Shankey Expert Perfect Shave Gift Box £48

Give someone the gift of the most pleasurable shaving experience this year by gifting them this collection of premium shaving products. Jason Shankey has won countless awards for his male shaving and body products and he has used all his knowledge to craft this box of treats. Research showed that 97% of men experienced irritation and pain due to shaving so Jason produced a step by step guide that teaches you the perfect 'barber' shaving technique. The products tackles shaving irritation by including ingredients that use natural hair growth inhibitor which slows down beard growth.  

I tested this on my dear dad, who like many, has been using the same technique to shave for years. He uses the cheapest bic razor he can find and if he is feeling a like a bit of a treat might get some supermarket shaving foam. Obviously this causes shaving to be a painful nuisance so he tries to avoid it as much as possible. He does look very good for his age but I know he would feel so much better about shaving if it was a pleasurable experience and in my opinion men do look so much better clean shaven.

The set includes exfoliating face and scalp scrub, smoothing shave cream and skin soothing moisture balm. You start with the face and scalp scrub which removes dead skin cells and has an amazing scent that I can only describe as the smell of the ocean, its fresh and revitalising. Next up the shave cream smooths and softens the skin so you get a comfortable shave with no irritation. I insisted a new razor was purchased as you really do need a good quality, sharp razor, you only have one face so its best to be nice to it. After shaving the moisture balm moisturises dry skin and helps to slow down hair regrowth with a groundbreaking complex of botanical extracts and peptides. 

My dad was so impressed with the whole experience of shaving this time round, I don't think he will ever go back to his old ways. His face felt the smoothest it has ever done and by improving the quality of his skin it has taken years of him. This really a gift that shows someone you love them, they not only get to enjoy the products but in the long term they will have learnt the art of the perfect shave and loving their face. 

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