Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Makebelieve Air Brush Bronzer £30

Fake tan has a bit of a bad reputation thanks to certain 'celebrities' going over the top and looking distinctly orange. I think fake tan can be a great aid to helping people look their best and if done well gives you that golden glow that not all of us can get however long we lie in the sun. There are only two things I don't do in my life one is tan (the other is karaoke, nobody wants to hear that!) so I need the help of fake tan if I am going to look summery.

Makebelive's air brush bronzer is just thing I need to give me that 'two weeks in the sun' look and it only takes four hours! It is really easy to use and gave me a beautiful even and silky tan. There were no streaks and it had a lovely fresh smell to it.  If people can guess that its fake tan (which I don't think they will) they will think you have been to a professional salon its that good. However much you try you will never make them believe it's a tan you have done yourself, its just that flawless looking.

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