Monday, 30 May 2011

Benefit b.right radiant skincare intro kit £7.50

By now readers will know all about my love of Benefit so when I was told about their new brightening range (b.right) I just had to have a try and opted for this great b.right radiant skincare intro kit. I started with the foaming clean facial wash; it has a lovely creamy texture that really foams up when you start using it. Afterwards my face felt amazingly clean and I was surprised that so little product went such a long way. The only negative I can see is that so far this product is only in this limited edition kit, you can't buy a full sized version. After drying my now sparklingly clean face I applied the triple performing facial emulsion and loved how it sumptuously soaked into my skin. Lastly I used the it’s potent eye benefit cream and boy did it wake up my peepers! My whole face looked visibly brighter and there was no way you could tell I had only had a couple of hours sleep. It’s great for daily use but I find myself relying on it when I am really tired or if I have had a few drinks the night before and my skin is a little sallow. Another great product from the people at Benefit and I just love the appocoathery look of the bottles and jars, it makes me feel like I am applying a little bit of magic to my face, which I suppose I am. 

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  1. A beautiful post. The product also seems to be very good and workable. Yonka comes to my mind.