Thursday, 19 May 2011

Famous Dave's Gradual 10 £14.99

After sharing with you all the tricks and secrets I have learned about fake tan I thought it was only right that I do test out a load of fake tans for you. I have many to try so keep a look out each day for new brands. First up though I wanted to see how Famous Dave could really live up to its name and be worthy of celebrity status in my tanning emporium! It doesn’t have a guide colour which is fine for me but might put a few people off, personally I don’t like the guide colours as they tend to stain my sheets. As it is a gradual lotion you should apply it every day until you get the desired colour. I found I only needed to apply it twice to get a healthy golden glow. There were no streaks or overly orange bits and when I started to apply it every other day the shade stayed a lovely vibrant brown. After I stopped using it I found that the colour lasted the best part of the week before I looked pasty again and faded well, not leaving me with patches. The smell of it as well is great and when used with the tanning mitt gives a lovely even tan.

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