Saturday, 7 May 2011

How to get the perfect shave

Exfoliating your skin should be part of your regular skin regime but it especially important to exfoliate before you shave to remove dead skin as this will help your razor last longer and get the closest shave.  

Whatever body part you are shaving you should always use a sharp razor. If you are using an old razor or one that has got a bit rusty it will pull at the hairs causing irritation and you will have to go over the same area a few times to cut every hair which can cause razor burn as you won’t get as close a shave. If you find you have to use pressure on the razor to cut hairs then it’s time to change the blades. Don’t go for cheap razors as in the longer run they will cost you more. Invest in a decent razor like the Gillette Venus Embrace, the blades will last longer, they will get your skin smother and you are less likely to accidentally cut yourself.

Its best to shave after or in a hot bath or shower, the heat will help to open up pores making it easier to cut the hair and create less drag from the blade. Make sure to use something to lube up the skin, either shaving cream or shower gel, you can also use olive oil which will give the added benefit of moisturising the skin at the same time and softening the hairs.

When you shave go against the hair growth and only go over one area once. For legs the direction you should shave is from the ankle upwards. For underarms go in the same direction upwards and for the bikini area horizontally outside to inside. When shaving take your time and don’t rush as it means you will be more prone to cuts and razor burn. 

It is a good idea to moisturise the area after shaving but make sure you use a moisturiser with no fragrance or alcohol as this can irritate the skin and skin. If you are going to apply fake tan shave the day before to stop the tan pooling in your pores and try to avoid deodorant for 24 hours after shaving your arms pits.

I would say for women avoid shaving any other area apart from your legs, bikini area and underarms. The hair doesn’t grown back thicker after you shave it’s just that the ends of the hair are blunt making re-growth appear thicker.

Shaving is a good method for hair removal as it is probably the quickest to do, however it is also quickest in terms of re-growth. Following my guidelines will help you get the most of shave for longer. 

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