Saturday, 22 January 2011

Queens Cosmetics Sensiderma Rich hand Cream £9.10

I know I posted a list of my favourite hand creams up a few weeks ago but my attention has been brought to a new one out and well it was so good I needed to include it. Queens Cosmetics  are experts in sensitive skin but even if your skin isn't that sensitive you will love their products.

Of course the first product I wanted to try out was the hand cream  and I was not disappointed. It's a really rich formula without being greasy and melted into my skin quickly. Very useful for me as I am always putting on hand cream and having to waiting till it absorbs. Try picking up a pen and trying to write something after you have smothered your hands in something greasy!

It really softens your skin and for extra indulgence smother on last thing at night and put on cotton gloves, or if you are like me and don't have any cotton gloves use cotton socks instead. Just remember to take them off in the morning before you answer the door to the postman as he will think you strange! Speaking from personal experience obviously.

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