Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Miners Loose Eyeshadow £3.49

The new year normally means two things for me. Firstly that I am skint, having spent all my hard earned money on presents, pretty dresses and pampering. Secondly that I want a new look, after seeing the same face every day I could do with a little variation. In step the fabulous people at Miners with their new dip and define range.

I wasn't able to choose which colour I liked the most so being the greedy me I went for all six. Each loose powder is enriched with metallic flecks which it shimmering undertones. The brushes are perfect as they allow you to get a good covering without leaving flecks down your cheeks like you get with some loose shadows. The colour stayed on all day and didn't crease, if you do want to reapply it the bottle and brush makes it perfect for keeping in your bag.

If you like me need a bit of cheering up and refreshing your look Miners dip and define range is affordable beauty at its best.

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