Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What's with the weather.

The weather this year in the UK has been somewhat mixed. We started the year with mountains of snow, had a blissfully hot spring and summer was below par even for the UK. Now moving into Autumn, the sunshine has had a reprieve and even though the nights are cold and windy the days are so hot sunburn is a real possibility. The other week I went out to meet a friend for lunch and ended up burning my shoulders and back after only being in the sun for 30 minutes and the sky was pretty cloudy. 

I got home slightly bemused by my red shoulders and applied Queen's Sensitive Skin Oil (£17.65) not only to my burnt bits but everywhere. I have been using the oil quite a bit since I got sent it to try. I tend to apply a couple of drops into a hot bath for a decadent feel and then glide it over my skin after I have got out the bath. I have satin sheets on my bed and there is something so lovely about freshly oiled skin slipping into satin sheets that makes me smile. As it's sensitive I don't need to worry about it upsetting my skin, I even use it after waxing to get all the small bits of wax off my skin and to sooth the skin, something I wouldn't do with most body oils. The oil also helps my legs to stay moisturised as my calfs have a tendency to get quite dry. I also you it after a shower before I go out. It makes you skin look softer, smoother and devastatingly touchable.  

Although Queen's Sensitive Skin Oil was great at soothing my sunburn it would have been much better if I had avoided getting burnt at all. What I should of done and will promise to do from now on is to apply sun cream. During the summer I used Ahava's Mineral Suncare SPF 30 (£19) and I didn't even go slightly pink all summer. It easily absorbs into your skin and you don't have to spend precious time on your holiday rubbing it in and as its moisturising, my skin was left feeling soft and not greasy like some suncreams. It is water resistant so I didn't need to reapply it every time I went in the pool. It also has a great smell, it still has that summer smell you only get with suntan lotion but it also has a slight perfume. My friend is off skiing in a few weeks and asked me what beauty related products she should take. The first thing I told her to get was Ahava's Mineral Suncare as you can get really burnt whilst skiing as the sun is reflected off the snow. I would have given her my spray bottle but I am holding onto as I am pretty sure I will be needing it again this year. 

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