Saturday, 29 October 2011

Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover £11.75

The older I get the more sensitive my eyes seem to get. If I have been out for a night with thick eye makeup by the time I get home my eyes are always desperate to to be cleansed of all makeup. The gentler the makeup remover the better and the one from living nature is lovely and gentle without losing its removing power. It contains witch hazel which is an anti-inflammatory, just the thing to sooth my sore eyes. It also contains a host of other lovely natural ingredients to cleanse and clean my skin of all makeup. With some eye makeup removers you have to wipe your eye several times to get all eyeliner and mascara off. With Living Natures makeup remover I only need to soak my eyes with a makeup pad with the remover on, a few gentle sweeps and my eyes are clean and fresh. As I haven't had to scrub at them they don't get irritated making my sore eyes worse. Even if you don't have really sensitive eyes you will still be impressed with how well Living Natures makeup remover cleans up your eyes at the end of the day.

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