Wednesday, 15 September 2010


There is not much I enjoy after a long days work than a hot bubble bath (add a chilled glass of chardonnay and I’m in love!).  As the weather gets colder, summer makes its last appearance and getting out of bed in the morning gets a little bit harder, I test some products to make the summer memories last a little but longer.

The first amaZene product I tried was the avocado and bath soak (£9.50), which is unusual in that it’s not quite bath salts but a powder.  You sprinkle a handful into the bath and get a blast of tropical scent almost like I had emptied a can of lilt into the bath.  Avocado oil is used as it’s one of the world’s most easily absorbed natural oils, and I felt slightly moisturized when I got out of the bath. 

I didn’t felt moisturized enough though (for me I like to be somewhere between seal and slippery eel) so I thought I would rub in some papaya and acerole body lotion (£9.95). Again the smell is so tropical if you close your eyes you could imagine yourself on a desert island surrounded by coconuts. It absorbs very quickly and didn’t leave my skin greasy. The acerola is high in vitamin C that is a powerful anti-oxidant (great for cellulite) and papaya has skin repairing properties.

These products would make a great present for girlies of any age and also for men. They aren’t girly smells but fruity and refreshing and the packaging is funky and fun. Or you could also keep them for your own indulgence and just send a card! 

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