Saturday, 17 July 2010

Fake Bake

The tanning experts at Fake Bake have cleverly added vitamin D to their range of products. Research has shown that more people have started to suffer from vitamin D deficiency and by incorporating this added benefit into their tanning range Fake Bake hope to create a feel good tan. The benefits of vitamin D include, a stronger immune system, stronger bones and reduces the risk of developing heart diseases.

I checked out the original formula to see what all the fuss was about. I am no scientist so I was concentrating on the beauty sides of things and I wasn’t disappointed. The formula looks like liquid chocolate and the smell is nice and refreshing, not like some fake tan lotions that can smell very chemically. It was easy to apply and as the formula was dark I could see where I had already applied it, meaning I didn’t end up with any white patches. It left my skin lovely and moisturised and you could see the difference straight away. I was expecting a darker tan to begin with so I applied a few coats to get the depth of colour desired. It was the first product I have used that claimed to be streak free and actually delivered. The only down side I could find was that it gave me sheets a pink tinge but as of yet I have not found any fake tan that doesn’t leave its mark. Fake it don’t bake it all the way! 

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