Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blend Collective Unwind Handcream £12.50

Blend Collective is a team of leading aromatherapy and perfume experts that have combined their passion and skills to produce a range of body care products that are 99% - 100% natural. My love for hand cream and natural products is well documented on this blog so I won't go on about the benefits of natural products or remind you that the hands age in a way that can never be corrected. Of course it's not just your skin that benefits from using hand cream, your nails will thank you for it as well. I get asked quite a bit how I keep my nails in such good condition and my answer is always apply hand cream at least once a day. 

First up they have the natural credentials, no parabens, sulphates or petroleum derived chemicals and they are also against animal testing. The packaging also seems to have been thought out so that the least amount of packaging has been used. Apart from the actual product I also really love the design on the bottle. Rather than a lid or flip cap, you gently twist the silver top round and squeeze a small amount into your hand and then twist the silver top back into place. Flip lids I tend to be against as I am always breaking my nails on them and the amount of times I have lost a lid or its slipped out of my hands and rolled under the sofa / car seat / table and I've ended up spilling lotion all over the place. So before I have even tried any of the product I am already sold.

Being a team of aromatherapy and perfume experts you would expect a pleasant scent but I was a little worried by the thought of sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood and neroli as they are all powerful smellsand quite masculine but the blend of them has been done exquisitely. It is also very nice to have a relaxing product that doesn't smell of lavender, which I am a little bored of now. The lotion melts into your skin quickly and because there is no silicone in the lotion it doesn't create that greasy layer on top of your skin so you can go about normal function as soon as you have put it on. I keep this product in my kitchen as I think it is perfect for applying after doing the washing up. Not only does it give my hands a much needed moisture boost but the smell makes me feel like I am treating myself after some hard house work. 

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