Sunday, 4 March 2012


Due to my shower being broken for a few weeks I have had to have more baths than usual, I know terrible right? So not only have I been reading more books I have also been using more bath bubbles. 

I have always loved Radox as the products are always extremely well priced but still feel luxurious and give plenty of long lasting bubbles. I like to spend at least an hour in the bath and not all bubble bath bubbles can last as long as I would like which isn't a problem I have with Radox. Recently I am loving Eastern Spirit bath therapy which has notes of Lotus flower and orange blossom, guaranteed to make a bad day that little bit better.   

Due to the water crisis that is effecting parts of the country at the moment Radox have come up with 5 tops tips for saving water in the shower.

1.)    Take a slightly shorter shower:
Every 1 minute less time spent in a power shower will save 17 litres of water per person in your household per day / 6205 per year - with a total of 24,820 litres of water for the typical UK family (a family cash saving of £116 per year)

Every 1 minute less time spent in a standard shower will save 7.7 litres of water per person in your household per day / 2810 per year - a total of  11,242 litres of water  for the typical UK family (a family cash saving of £52 per year)
To help you do this use the Radox facebook shower app - the app will select a song that will match your desired shower length, allowing people to sing along while in the shower and know when their allocated shower time is up - simple.
Find it on facebook at :- 

2.)    Multi-task - To save water and time, consider washing your face or brushing your teeth whilst in the shower.
3.)    Turn the shower off when you shampoo - Turning the shower off for one minute while you shampoo your hair and one minute while you condition and 1 min whilst shaving those legs ladies! - could save a typical family £104 per year
4.)    Try a  low-flow shower head - Replacing your existing shower head with a more efficient alternative can reduce water and energy use, particularly if you currently use a power shower
5.)    Check your water temperature - Many people have their water heater set at too high a temperature.  The ideal temperature is between 55 and 60 degrees Celsius, but remember to test the temperature of the water that comes out of the tap with a thermometer - thermostats are often inaccurate.

My tip for saving water in the bath is to share the bath with your other half, not only will it save bath water its also a great way to get romantic! 

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