Thursday, 22 September 2011

Angela Langford

There are lots of things to love about Angela Langford’s products, for one you feel like you are dealing with a person and not a faceless company. All the products come wrapped in pink tissue paper and if you pay for post and packaging she will send you a selection of products specifically for your skin type for free. So if my ramblings of greatness don’t convince you, try the products for yourself.

First up let’s talk about the balanced and beautiful oil £22.55. I have tended to stay away from using oils on my face, I still get the occasional spot outbreak and thought using a face oil probably wouldn’t help the matter. It’s a totally different experience from using a regular moisturiser, and the first thing I noticed was the smell, it is absolutely fantastic. It has a scent of sweet ginger and a hint of citrus with a natural freshness that is like no other moisturiser I have tried. It didn’t feel greasy when I put it on and it only took two drops to cover my face and neck. I found it needs less rubbing into the skin too absorb but I end up spending ages massaging my face as it just felt so soft afterwards. I tend to put it on after an evening bath before I go to bed and the next morning my face looks and feels like it has just been moisturised. Everything about the product from the smell to the texture makes you feel like you are really treating your skin to something special.

Beautiful Eyes £17.45 is another great smelling product but the scent is lighter than the oil. I haven’t really used eye creams regularly before but considering that next year I turn the big 30 I thought it best I start at least thinking about it. Beautiful Eyes is a cream that just melted into my skin, you only have to use the most gentlest of movements and it soaks into your skin. It’s packed full of lots of lovely natural ingredients to tighten, plump and sooth the skin around your eyes.  

With both products a little really goes along way and there is something fundamentally superior about these two products, because there are no chemicals and the quality of ingredients used. I loved them both, the luxurious application as they both melt into the skin and the instantly better looking skin they produce. These products aren’t going to give you a totally new face but they will make you much happier about the one you have got.

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