Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Get gorgeous for Christmas

Lauren's Way Let it Glow medium (£30) - Technically it's a Christmas gift but if you are thinking of giving it to someone as a present I suggest you get one for yourself otherwise you might get a bought of jealousy when you hand it over. The set contains three products that will help you get party ready and give your beauty maximum impact with minimum effort. 

First up I try the tan, having watched the only way is Essex I was mildly worried that it would be of the radioactive variety but it actually has a really nice colour to it. For those who want a darker tan there is an option of the darker than dark tan but as I am fair to begin with I wanted to test the water with the medium first. It is really soft as you apply it and no stickyness or waiting around for it to dry. The colour is completely natural, like you have been on a midwinter holiday so no one will know you have been faking it. The fade factor is really natural and even and the smell has to be one of the best fake tan smells you can get, practically no biscuit smell! 

The dream rollers (or should that be reem rollers - sorry I couldn't resist) are fantastic as you can wear them to bed as they collapse so they are completely comfortable to sleep in. They are so easy to use as it was my first time using rollers and it only took me half an hour. If you live with your partner its probably best to warn them first as I got quite a funny look when I appeared from the bedroom. All you need to do is roll them up in your dry hair and in the morning you have soft princess curls. My hair is quite fine so I found it good to blast my hair with the hairdryer, first hot then cold that helped to the curl all day. 

The lashes in the set were daytime dazzle, a nice sophisticated length that are perfect to open up your peepers. 

Miners Cosmetics - If you are having to watch the pennies then Miners offers low cost cosmetics that don't scrimp on the wearability. The fresh faced foundation (£4.99) gives a medium coverage that leaves your skin with a dewy finish and lasts all day. Finish off the perfect base with their fresh faced powder (£3.99) that only needs a light dusting to set your foundation. 

New from Mary Kay is their fairytale collection. I am obsessed with the Kohl eyeliners (£11 - £12) in the collection as the colours are a bit different and they are really long lasting. The mulberry is a soft dark red / purple that makes a change from my regular black. 

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