Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Primavera Revitalisng Face Scrub £15

A product that ticks all the right ethical boxes, not tested on animals, vegan and organic whilst also feeling luxurious and decadent. Made with rose and pomegranate (my favorite ingredient at the moment) it is formulated for mature skin, however it worked well on my combination skin. Primavera pride themselves on their natural and organic products that work in harmony with your body and deliver great results. 

The invigorating face scrub has a high concentration of micro peals of jojoba wax that gently exfoliate to reveal softer skin. Used once a week it cleanses skin and buffs away any dry patches whilst being kind to your skin and having absolutely no irritants. 

I know you aren't meant to judge products by how nice they look on your bathroom shelf but we all do it and this face scrub is a real beauty in that department. With a stunning green apothecary bottle and subtle font it looks much more expensive than it actually is. 

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