Monday, 26 August 2013

Intelligent Nutrients Smooth & Sleek Styling Pomade £20

Trying to find organic styling products can be a bit of a nightmare and so I was really pleased when my attention was brought to the styling pomade by Intelligent Nutrients available on QVC. Formulated to offer a flexible hold and protect against heat styling it can be used on wet or dry hair to control fizz, add definition and control flyaways. Using no chemical nasties, just lots of lovey organic ingredients.

You only need a very small amount to make a big impact, half of what you would normally use. It has quite a think gummy texture which look a bit of getting used, I found it best to warm up the pomade between my fingers before combing through my hair to get an even distribution. On wet hair it helped my hair to become sleeker and reduced the amount of time I needed to spend straightening my hair. It has a strong herbal smell (with a touch of sweeties) that I really like, very different from the chemically smell of some hair products.

Using it dry I found worked best just for the odd touch up of stay hairs and to get a bit of lift at the roots. When I put my hair up in a ponytail I get this mad scientist curls that spring out at right angles just above my ears, rather than using hairspray (which can sometime go a bit hard and crackly) I have started to use the pomade to smooth them over and hold them in place behind my ears. It's also great for those wispy bits that blow in the wind so helps you get a super sleek finish. To give yourself more lift at the roots turn your head upside down and using a small amount of the product work it into the roots, gently pulling your hair up as you go.   

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