Monday, 9 September 2013

Green People Sensitive Skin Solution

When I got told I needed to switch my beauty routine to natural and organic products I felt quite daunted and didn't really know where to start. As well as the financial cost but it felt like a whole new world of trying to figure out what I could use and what I should avoid. Many products also might be natural but they contain perfumes that can irritate your skin. Green people was set up by Charlotte Vøhtz who wanted to help her daughters skin problems. Finding that products that were advertised as natural could contain synthetic chemicals. Charlotte went on to develop Green People's solely organic philosophy and now the brand has 100's of products, many of which have won a host of awards. 

Green People's sensitive skin solution (£29.95) has three products specially developed to soothe sensitive skin. Firstly a cleanser and make-up remover to remove all the grime your skin collects over the day and night. It contains calendula which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and feels really soft against your skin. I found it tackled even the longest wearing makeup including waterproof mascara, which can be a real pain to take off. Unlike some makeup removers it didn't leave my skin red or dry it out so if I was running short of time (i.e it was really late and I was tired) I could just take my makeup off with out using moisturiser. 

The second product is a scent free 24 hour cream, an intense burst of hydration that kept my skin moisturised all day. It contains evening Primrose and Avocado oils to deeply nurture the skin, which has a really rich and creamy texture so feels like a luxury product. 

Lastly you get a scent free eye cream that soothes the delicate eye area. I find that in the winter months the corners of my eyes can get quite sore especially if it is windy out. I have started to use this eye cream when I get home and it is great at cooling down my sore eyes. Also I have found that if I am really tired, popping this in the freezer for 10 mins then applying it really helps to awaken my eyes. 

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