Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mellor & Russell - Professional Colour Secrets (£2.39)

There are two reasons why I went for Mellor & Russell hair colour. Firstly it was the cheapest and secondly the girl on the front of the box vaguely looked like one of my friends. The dye was easy enough to mix, the standard squeeze one tube into a bottle, shake well and off you go. The application was easy, the mixture is thick enough that it doesn’t drip and provides easy coverage. The issue that I have though is the gloves. They aren’t as watertight as they should be so have left me with purple / black fingers. I look like I have some weird tropical disease, not the look I was after. My hair at least is a lovely vibrant brown and the intensive fixing balm that you apply to your hair after dying has an amazingly fruity smell. I will definitely buy the product again; I will just make sure to use my own gloves! 

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