Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Colour Restore £11.99

I wasn't feeling hopeful about this product, maybe it was because I was slightly under whelmed with the packaging, it felt a little bit budget. Maybe it was because of the nightmare that I have put my hair through but I wasn't expecting much of a result. I shouldn't have been so quick to judge though as the results were far better than I expected. 

After a rough 12 months of being dyed brunette, back to blonde, going back to dyed brunette again my hair isn't in the best condition so I didn't want to use any harsh chemicals on it. Still the copper tones, a left over from all the dying, come through in my hair and they can look quite brash and brassy. Working like a toner Colour Restore banishes those orange tones and puts hair back to it's just dyed condition. You can either use it like a shampoo or like me leave it on for 25 minutes, which will leave it feeling conditioned as well. It took my hair right back to the light chocolate colour it was when I first dyed it meaning I can now leave it longer in between getting my hair coloured.

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