Saturday, 24 August 2013

Magnifibres £20

While we all love the effect of false eyelashes there are the obvious downsides. They take a while to get the hang off and if you are in a rush forget about trying to apply them unless you want to practically glue your eyes together. They have the habit of unsticking just at the wrong moment and I for one always end up with gluey eyelids the next day... not a great look. 

Magnifibres is an alternative to false lashes that provides the same lengthen effect without all the hassle. They are 100% natural and really easy to apply. First you apply one coat of mascara like you normally would, then quickly sweep the magnifibres over your mascara coated lashes. Wait for a minute before applying another coat of mascara and voila.... instantly longer lashes. One coat is perfectly acceptable for the day time but if you want to glam in it up and night just carrying on building the product up by alternating mascara and then the magnifibres. 

I was slightly apprehensive as I remember using those mascara's several years ago where one end was mascara and on the other end a white mascara that was meant to lengthen the lashes. The problem was that you could never properly cover the while mascara and were left with a gloppy mess and visible fibers on your eyelashes. The magnifibres are so light  though that you can easily cover them with mascara and sit nicely at the end of your lashes so they blend in really well. 

I like to apply one coat all over my lashes and then build up the outer corners for that classic cat eye look. Just add a hint of smoky eyeshadow so all attention is on your eyes.

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