Friday, 16 August 2013

Alterna - Bamboo Beach - Mango Coconut refreshing Dry Shampoo £21

Having just moved to the seaside as soon as I saw Alterna's new beach range I just had to try it. The product that I wanted to try first was the Mango and Coconut dry shampoo as I just love those smells. As soon as you open the tube and smell the powder you are hit with a glorious fruity scent that transports you to a tropical island. Seriously the smell is so amazing you will want to eat the stuff .... don't though, it works so well on your hair you would really be missing out.

It took me a couple of goes to get used to a powder dry shampoo as I'm so used to spray ones but as soon as you get the hang of it it's just the same but obviously you get more product, less packaging and no aerosol. Gently sprinkle a small amount through roots of hair, rub in and then boom - greasy hair a thing of the past and it gives your hair extra body. The tropical fruity smell gives you a lovely fresh scent so even if you have been in a really smoky environment no one will ever know. It's free from all nasties - Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic Color, Talc, Sodium Chloride, Mineral Oil and Petrolatum. So it won't damage or dry out your hair.

I was slightly worried about using too much and making my dark hair slightly grey, a problem I have encountered with other dry shampoos, but Alterna's soaks up any grease without making you look like you have aged years. When I you have left it a little too long in-between dye jobs and my blonde roots are starting to come through I mix a little of the dry shampoo in with a powder eyeshadow that closest matches the dyed colour. That way I can get a few more days without having to wash my hair, hence saving the dye on my hair. Plus it covers up my blonde roots coming through. 

A holiday must have as it's much lighter in your luggage than regular shampoo, plus you don't need conditioner. If you aren't off on holiday this year then use this in your hair and at least you will smell like you do!

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