Saturday, 7 September 2013


Thanks to my dad I have very fine and slightly lank hair, why I couldn't have inherited my mothers thick and voluptuous hair I will never know. My hair also seems to fall out at an alarming rate and when I was my hair I am always a bit concerned there won't be any left on my head as it all seems to have piled up around the plug hole. Up until now there hasn't really been much you can do if you have thin hair, several products claim to thicken hair but none of them have trial results to back up their claims. 

Nanogen is different though, it has ten years research behind them and use advanced DNA technology to create hair growth factors which are safe, identical copies of human hair growth signals. Enough with the science though, how do they actually work? Well I've been putting the range to the test to see if I could see and feel any difference after using the product. 

The thickening treatment shampoo (£7.95) and thickening treatment conditioner (£8.95) work harmoniously together to thicken hair from the first wash. After just one use my hair certainly felt stronger and left my hair shiny. It took two weeks of regular use before I really noticed a difference to my hair, the main one being that much less of my hair was left around the plug hole after washing. They both have a pleasantly tingling sensation that awakens your scalp and presumably your hair follicles. As they are clinical products I was expecting them to smell as such but they actually have a lovely fruity scent that settles deep into your hair as it cleans. The conditioner left my hair feeling soft but not weighed down so that after the first use my hair was left with a bounce in it making it appear much thicker. Compared to other shampoos and conditioners the price is really reasonable as you get a lot of product so after two weeks I still have just under half left and my hair is just over shoulder length. 

As lovely as the shampoo and conditioner are the real star of the show is hair growth factor treatment serum (£29.95) which is like a magical potion for your hair. Each day you add a few drops to your scalp and massage in, it took a bit of getting used to but after a few days I really liked the routine of giving myself a little head massage and it has even been suggested that it helps you sleep better - the head massage not that serum that is. It is very quick to dry so you could easily use it at any time of the day, I just got into the routine of using it at night. I was a little worried that it might make my hair greasy or interfere with the amount of time I needed to wash my hair but my hair habits were able to remain the same. You can feel the serum working as soon as you apply it, almost like it has a slight menthol effect. I'm not going to pretend that I understand all the science behind how it works, all I really care about it the end result. After nearly a month of use my hair feels so much stronger and less damaged. It is still a bit too early to tell if it's growing faster or how much new growth it has achieved but because the quality of the hair is so much better it certainly looks thicker and fuller. 

A real catch 22 of having thin hair is the allure of extensions, thicker hair in minutes but the downside is that they can destroy the natural hair that you have, meaning thin hair gets thinner. Nanogen is providing an alternative that is actually going to do good to your hair at a fraction of the price of what you would pay for extensions so before you even think about getting them I would suggest a round of treatment serum to the quest for thicker, fuller hair. In fact I'm so won over by the quality and results of Nanogen products I think I'm going to try the Keratin hair thickening fibres.

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