Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Vaseline Spray & Go £4.99

I've always avoided moisturising in the morning, preferring to leave it till before bed. Ultimately it's because I am really lazy and would rather sleep than wait for my moisturiser to soak in. There are a few quick absorbing moisturisers out there but you still need to wait a good five minutes or so for it to absorb fully before putting your clothes on otherwise they leaving you feeling sticky or your tights, t-shirt or whatever soak up the product before your skin can. Vaseline have a revolutionary new body moisturiser than soaks into your skin in seconds making it perfect for morning applications, even for those as lazy as me.

The spray and go really is that, the bottle sprays at every angle and has a continuous flow so you can sweep it over your body, quickly rub in and you are done. The unique spray system dispenses the lotion quickly and evenly onto the skin and soaks in in seconds leaving your skin soft and silky. I went for the aloe fresh product that is the only product that I have tried that doesn't slightly tingle freshly shaved legs. Normally I have to wait if I have just shaved my legs but I was able to spray it on straight away, again saving time. Luckily I am still getting some sunshine and predictably I am still slightly over exposing my skin. Having to rub after sun onto red skin can be quite painful but I don't have to anymore as I can spray my skin instead. If you have really over done it, place the spray and go in the fridge while you have a bath and you will love the cooling spray afterwards.

I normally get my partner to moisturise my back, a chore he does but does while complaining. When I gave him the spray and go to use he loved it, pretending that he was spraying painting me, he nearly got a little carried away. It was then no surprise that the next morning I heard the distinctive sound of the spray (really good fun) and found him spraying himself after his morning shower. I've been on at him for years to moisturise and he never has, this spray has made it fun for him though. The unique spray action has also stopped those annoying traits of pump action bottles - where your hand slips because its covered in product and you can't get the stuff out of the bottle, or trying to put on a lid with greasy hands and it rolls under the sofa never to be seen again.

It's really touching that a brand such as Vaseline that is steeped in the history of moisturising has developed it's future.  

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