Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kosmea Hydrating Rosewater Mist £7.95

You know there are some people who you see and they always look perfectly groomed, not a hair out of place, clothes perfectly ironed and perfect glowing skin. I have always wondered how they do that, I consider myself to be presentable but that freshly made look somehow has narrowly avoided me, until now. It was as the days started to heat up and I needed a way of cooling myself down in a stuffy office. I saw Kosmea hydrating rosewater mist in my collection and decided to give it a go. Every couple of hours I lightly spayed my face and hair to keep cool. When I went to look in the mirror I noticed that I had a lovely sheen to my skin and hair, there it was that, that perfectly groomed look. By keeping my skin hydrated all day I managed to look glowing from when I stepped out the house in the morning to when I returned. Not only did the fabulous smelling rose water cool me down, it left me looking refreshed and vibrant. 

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