Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream $19.95

When I first came across sea buckthorn it was in relation to how nice an accompaniment it was to fish. I knew the berries were a glorious bright orange but up until a few weeks ago I never knew it was included in beauty products. 

I was delighted to find out the there was a cosmetics company that used sea buckthorn exclusively in all its products, step forward Sibu. The first product I tested was from the facial cream and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. First off it has a lovely citrus scent that is lovely and refreshing in the morning. The formula is light weight and non greasy making it perfect for morning application as you don't need to wait very long for it to absorb before you put your makeup on. Its free from parabens and cruelty free making it not only lovely for your skin but also for the environment. 

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