Friday, 18 March 2011

Jumping Juniper £4.85

You must think I am on a personal mission to try everyone of my favourite brands products and you would be right. Lush is definitely one of those companies that I get excited about when I try a new product and I won't rest until I have sampled all they have to offer.

So far I hadn't got round to their solid shampoo bars, I don't know what took me so long. I started off with Jumping Juniper  a refreshing mix of lavender, juniper, lemon and lime. To put it through its toughest test I decided it was time to take it to a festival. First up it was brilliant to carry around as I didn't have to worry about shampoo explosions and it saves space in your bag, you can just pop it into a little tin. I didn't end up getting a shower the whole weekend, too much having fun! I did use it as a soap on my face and found it worked really well, especially at night getting off all the grease, grime and sun tan lotion. When I got back the first thing I did was rush upstairs and have a shower, my hair was limp, lifeless and practically begging me to be washed. The bar lathered up so quickly into thick, creamy bubbles that penetrated right to my scalp. After only one was my hair was squeaky clean and I was shocked at how quickly it had cleaned up my hair. My bathroom was also left with a lovely zesty smell that made me feel totally refreshed. I will certainly be trying the rest of Lush's solid shampoo range now.

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