Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cocorose Sydney Elegance £45

I want to introduce you to a innovative pair of shoes that are not only going to save your feet from heel destruction but are also so gorgeous you will lust after them in their own right. Let me paint the all to familiar scene for you. You go out on a Friday night with your girlies to a swanky bar. You have your high heels on and we all know that after a few hours your feet get sore, not only that but the walk home or to a taxi is so painful (or wobbly) all you want to do is take your shoes off. Now you can with these ingenious fold up shoes. They come in a small purse that fits into your bag when you are out. When you want to take off your heels you can place them in the mini foldable satin shoulder bag and slip on the gorgeous ballet pumps. The pumps have padded cushions exactly where you need them after heel wearing so your feet feel cared for. The soles are thick enough to stop your feet getting cold on the hard pavement or any pain when walking on a cobbled street.  As well as being practical they are also extremely beautiful, two words that don't normally go together as far as shoes are concerned. It took me all day to decide which style I wanted as all of them were just so exquisite. After only a few weeks there are so many occasions where having them has been really useful, I now always carry them in my bag. With the British weather being somewhat unpredictable they become saviours when it turns sunny and I can slip off my heavy boots and slip on some ballet pumps. When shopping, work, eating out or just being me has taken a toll on my feet they are always there like a beautiful bundle of liberation.

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