Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Vajazzle Me

For those that haven't heard about the vajazzle let me enlighten you. Basically put it is the process of decorating your body with Swarovski crystals, most specifically on your intimate parts. Jennifer Love Hewitt was the first person to bring the craze to the attention of the masses. Alexandra Burke and Dancing on Ice were quick to follow suit but it really took off when they were featured on The Only Way Is Essex. Vajazzle is set to become summers biggest fashion trend with a male version in the pipe line, the Pejazzle. Sally, the UK largest supplier of hair and beauty products has four exclusive designs, a butterfly, heart, firework and star. I was lucky enough to be given a sneak preview and road test them if you will, all obviously for my lovely readers.

They don't have to go on your private parts, you can place them anywhere you desire on your body. First up I decide that my wrist looks a little dull these days and what better way to make it sparkle than a butterfly. The kits are very easy to put on and in no time at all I have a glittering butterfly on my wrist. I rather like it, it makes an alternative to a bracelet and looks really fun. It manages to stay on for four days and I am really happy with the result. Next up I go for one on my tummy, the firework I decide. Again I rather like the appearance and on a night out with a belly skimming top it flashes under the lights getting everyones attention. Feeling more confident I go for the heart and place it next to my bikini line. I walk around all day feeling somewhat naughty. Its not uncomfortable as I had first feared and I feel like I have this little secret I am keeping to myself. in a business meeting I keep grinning to myself. When I get home I show my partner, I thought his reaction might be one of laughter but he loves it. I would go into more detail but I will leave that to your imagination.

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