Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Radox Citrus Shower Gel £2.15

My partner came home from a music festival the other week and due to him not showering for four days he smelt terrible. I mean not just a little bad but offensively bad. He was hungry and tired and all he wanted to do was climb into bad with some toast but I just couldn't bare the thought of getting into bed with him when smelt that bad, it really was a horrible smell. Luckily I had been sent Radox's new Uplifting in pink grapefruit and basil just the day before so ran him a hot shower and practically peeled dirty clothes of him. I handed him the shower gel and told him not to get out until he smelt better. 

When he got out the shower he was not only completely clean but also smelt fruity and refreshed. Basil probably isn't the first thing you would think of to put in a shower gel but as a subtle after scent it works really well. The predominate smell is the pink grapefruit, which I am such a big fan of. The range also has a mandarin and lemongrass scent and a keylime and peppermint scent. Radox are masters at creating evocative scents that gently coat your skin and leave you feeling fresh for hours.  

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