Sunday, 8 September 2013

Collin Resultime

During the day I don't like to wear foundation but still want something with a little coverage. Occasionally I mix my regular foundation in with moisturiser but depending on the two products this doesn't always work. Recently I was sent the Hydrating Tinted Cream Mineral Pigments £27 from Collin Resultime to try. This tinted moisturiser is extremely hydrating and contains luminous mineral pigments to provide soft coverage while keeping your skin lovely and fresh. It doesn't sit heavily on your skin and so looks completely natural. If regular foundation use leaves your skin dry switching to this tinted moisturiser will help to keep it moisturised while still giving enough coverage to banish imperfections. It's really long lasting to so no need for touchups during the day.

For the ultimate in skin luxury their Regenerating Collagen Gel £47.25 can be used as a serum or face mask but my favourite use is as a sleep mask. As the winter nights drawn in the sharp change in temperature is going to play havoc with most peoples skin and an extra treatment will be needed. The collagen gel helps to smooth, plump, hydrate and firm the skin, providing several benefits in one pot, which is good as it is on the more expensive side. That being said if you use it as a serum it is going to last you a decent amount of time. If it is a splurge item that you want to use occasionally I would suggest using it as a sleep mask after a night out to give you a slept for the whole night fresh faced look when in reality you might not be feeling like that on the inside.

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