Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lush Ladies of Leeds

At Lush's Leeds store on Tuesday 24th July between 3.00pm and 5.00pm Rowena Bird, Lush Co Founder and creator of Emotional Brilliance will be in the Lush Leeds store meeting customers and giving them an emotional brilliance reading. You will need to book a time with her and as this is a huge event places are going quickly. Go into the store to find out more and book your consultation. 
Introducing a brand new concept matching your psychological needs to what colour cosmetics you should be wearing, at any moment. 

This range – consisting of lip colours, eyeliners and eyeshadows - is less about wearing make-up that’s in-season or someone else’s vision of what’s on-trend, as it won’t fulfil your needs. Emotional Brilliance works as a way to wear something that’s designed for you - you choose colours and then the corresponding words, such as ConfidentTake Control or Glamorous, will be significant to you and your needs at that time and you wear them to get that point across.  It’s the power of suggestion – it’s enough that you believe in it, you will then start to behave a certain way.
Lush Co-Founder and Inventor of Emotional Brilliance Rowena Bird comments “I love lipstick, but why wasn’t one great colour ever enough, why was I drawn to a particular one on different days or even sometimes feel the need to change colour part way through a day?  After chatting with like minded lipstick junkies, it struck us that it wasn’t about what clothes we were wearing but more about how we were feeling and so the idea was born”.

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