Tuesday, 10 July 2012

After Exercise Deep Muscle Rub £6.95

This muscle rub from The Bakewell Soap Company couldn't have arrived at a better time. My husband to be signed up to a 10K run a few weeks ago and rather than do any training he decided to just go for it on the day and hope for the best. Well needless to say he came home after the run in a bad state. His legs, not used to that amount of activity, decided to get their own back on him and start hurting which was a great excuse to use this rub.

It uses uses Arnica and Cajeput to provide effective relief for aches, stiffness and inflammation and Salicylic Acid to relieve muscle aches caused by lactic acid build up; Cineol, which helps to relax muscles and joints, and Sesquiterpenes to reduce joint inflammation and bruising. I also got a friend he ran with to give it a go. They both really liked the application of the rub, it doesn't soak in so doesn't leave your skin sticky but has a light covering effect instead almost like an oil. This meant that it was perfect for massaging the effected area. It heats up slightly to provide relief and both the men found the sensation helped to relax the muscles. They also both commented that the smell was really nice, much better than the strong smells of some other muscle treatments. All in all the feedback was very positive.

I also like the tin, very handy to carry around and you don't have the worry of spilling that you have with products in bottles. For the amount you get and the small amount you actually need per application the price is extremely reasonable. If the urge ever takes me to do any exercise I am going to make sure this is close to hand. 

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