Friday, 6 July 2012


Regular readers will know my love for Payot but for those that don't the brand started in 1920 and was pioneering at it's time. Each product is tailored to meet different needs and solve various problems. I got sent to try a couple of products from their new line My Payot. They say about the range 

"For the first time Payot have used a duo of super fruits, both Goji berries with carotens, trace elements and flavonoids as well as the nourishing and repairing Acai berries to ensure healthy skin that is full of vitality for all. Each formula also contains an extract ofactive bifidus; these micro-organisms, also known as probiotics, form a protective shield for the immune system. Applied on the skin, day after day active bifidus helps reinforce our natural defences against environmental aggressions."

The first product I tried was the My Payot Fluide Daily Radiance Care  £24.50. It's has a mattifying effect whilst still being radiance boosting so I found that when my skin didn't need any coverage I could use it on it's own in morning and my skin looked lovely and glowing. 

I also tried the My Payot Nuit Night Radiance Care £30.50 which was my favourite of the two. They are both great but this one just had the edge. The creamy formula calls for you to massage it into your face gently. It contains hazelnut extract to detoxify the skin so when you wake your skin is renewed. When I wake up in the morning now my skin still feels like it's just been moisturised. 

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